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Curriculum Frameworks

    SchooNoodle's goal is to index the standards for every state including those for the Arkansas Department of Education. As you can imagine, indexing all of the standards is a colossal task. We'll be working to index the Curriculum Frameworks as soon as possible. In the mean time, go to Arkansas Department of Education to find your standards.

    So far, we have completed California, New York, and Texas. And we're working on Florida. Take a look at these completed states to get an idea of how SchooNoodle works. There are google searches for each standard, and you can rate and bookmark pages to help all teachers find great sites. If you would like us to work on Arkansas Department of Education next, just click on Send Comments or Feedback above and send us an email. You can influence the order of the work. We'd love to hear from you.

    We think that aligning content on the internet to the state standards will be a huge benefit for teachers. For us it is basically a labor of love. If you agree and would like to help, we want to hear from you. Send us a message to help bring this resource to your state.

    Thanks for your interest in SchooNoodle.

    The SchooNoodle Team

Use SchooNoodle to find standards for Arkansas. Find over 0 standards as listed by Arkansas Department of Education and great teaching content correlated to those standards. Search for Curriculum Frameworks, and then easily view resources like 3rd grade Black History month activities or elementary school basketball lesson plans aligned to the standards. Check out the 685 sites already rated plus add your favorites!

Looking for new ideas to build great sample units for your students? SchooNoodle can help you find activities from Pi Day activities to German lesson plans. Making it easier and faster to find new ideas to develop your lesson plan templates and keep them fresh.

SchooNoodle also allows you to share and rate your favorite online resources from slides to textbooks. SchooNoodle keeps all your sites organized in one place so you can easily access them from any computer. All of this is provided without charge. Thanks for visiting SchooNoodle. We hope to see you back soon.

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